Traning assessment, evaluate your career

The training assessment is the main tool for identifying your skills and abilities or those of your employees, and for putting together a project. 5 types of assessment: classic assessment, senior assessment, professional mobility, job hunting, and recruitment support. With a consultant, you construct a professional project appropriate to your skills, your motivations, your personality, your development potential and the employment market.

The 5 steps of a training assessment

  • Summary of your experience and skills.
  • Discussion regarding your motivations, personality test.
  • Identification of development possibilities.
  • Development of the plan of action.
  • Support and follow-up for 6 months.

With CSP, you benefit from:

  • A team of professionals and the possibility of choosing your specific consultant.
  • Methodology and ethics.
  • A progressive, rigorous and personalized approach that encourages reflection and the development of a project.
  • Advice and suggestions: professions, training courses, CV, job hunting strategies
  • Follow-up over a 6-month period.

Get advice that suits you!

  • More than 20 years of experience working with teams, departments, managers and directors.
  • Training in varied domains: quality, HR, organization, finance, purchasing, logistics, management...
  • Examples of training topics: auditing, diagnosis, department restructuring, process development, implementing tools and methods.
  • Senior consultants with on average 15 years of experience (former HRD, BU manager, quality manager)
  • Our approach is to pass on and support the methods proposed in order to give companies an active role in their training courses.
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