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The expertise of our trainers, a quality guarantee

trainers-expertises250 training consultants, experts in their field,
chose to share their expertise
and the CSP
teaching method with CSP

Recruitment and rigorous integration

  • Consultants are evaluated for their teaching abilities, their performance and their potential, via 3 interviews and an oral defense in front of a panel of judges.
  • Consultants are tutored and supervised.

Dual expertise to guarantee a high standard

  • On average 15 years of professional experience.
  • On average 10 years of experience in adult training courses
  • Expertise in the field of teaching adults
  • A very high number of certified trainers: PNL, AT, MBTI, PCM, IRCA, SUCCESS INSIGHT, PMI, COACH, IFRS, etc.

Trainers continually undergoing training

  • 2,500 hours worth of sharing, practical analysis, and training.
  • Performance constantly monitored by a unique online evaluation system.
  • Courses over the summer and internal seminars to get an overall picture and prompt innovation.

Trainers and CSP, working as one

  • A real sense of active learning for the benefit of participants.
  • Consistent concepts and content for a given subject irrespective of the trainer.
  • A commitment to shared objectives, such as customer focus and excellence.
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