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Coaching, discovering potentials!

Coaching, discover and make
the potentials of your teamates

+ than 120 people coached per year

Coaching provides support for individuals or teams in the development of their potential and their know-how as part of professional objectives.

The 3 steps of our method


Coaching is particularly suitable in 4 contexts:

  • Transition: new job, new responsibilities, resistance or unwillingness to change, position needing to be clarified.
  • Performance: overcoming stress, making the most of your time, achieving a difficult cohesion, asserting leadership.
  • Resolution: a situation hits an obstacle, comes to a virtual standstill, or spirals out of control
  • Practice: putting acquired knowledge into practice, post-training course support.

Coaching at CSP Training involves a methodology, pragmatism, and certified and supervised coaches with diverse profiles, equipped with efficient tools and with concrete experience in the field of personal development.

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