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Risk management How to turn risks into opportunities

  • Objectives

    • To provide participants with an effective method for managing risks within the company.
    • Knowing how to anticipate risks and to make the necessary decisions.
  • Keywords

    ISO 31000 - Risk factors- Evaluation of risks- The grading of risks- Risk manager.
  • The advantages

    • Practical case studies in order to illustrate and help participants familiarize themselves with methods and tools.
    • Interactive teaching right throughout the training course.
  • Aimed at

    • Executives, managers.
    • All managers wishing to reduce the risks inherent in their everyday business.


The purpose of risk management
  • The concept of risk: risks, hazards, the unforeseen.
  • Management and controlling risks.
  • The risk management process.
  • The identification of risks and their grading.
  • Assessing the current situation (6M, PARETO), preliminary analysis of risks and dangers.

The various risk factors
  • Organizational.
  • Behavioral.
  • Managerial.

The types of risk and their nature
  • Strategic, tactical, economic, technical, financial,
  • social...

Analysis and monitoring methods (risk sheets)

Weighting and prioritization of risks

The stages in dealing with risks
  • Scenarios for the reduction and avoidance of risks.
  • Research and the choice of levers.
  • Creating a "Risk" database.
  • Feedback and learning risk management skills.
  • The argumentation facing decision makers.

The role of the risk manager

The risk culture in the company, the department, and the team

Examples of risk lists

> Discovering and applying the ISO 31000 standard, p. 267.


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  • Duration : 2days