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Managing and optimizing processes

  • Objectives

    • To gain an understanding of processes and discover the simple and effective associated tools.
    • To familiarize yourself with the logic of the process and to rely on your experience in order to optimize the improvement loops in your professional context.
    • To use the tools and prepare your plan of action in order to turn processes into a real support for management.
  • Keywords

    Process- PDCA - Management - Mapping - Process review.
  • The advantages

    • Simple tricks and tips for process managers striving to increase efficiency.
    • Everything you need to know to make sure that the process acts as a tool that benefits managers and overall performance
  • Aimed at

    Anyone who is responsible for a process and wishes to develop its efficiency, optimize the means implemented, and improve the
    value added of the process.


Understanding process management
  • The objectives of process management.
  • The requirements of the standards in this domain (ISO, EFQM).
  • The principle of continuous improvement (PDCA).
  • The various types of processes (operational, supports, management).
  • Process mapping,

Structuring and planning processes
  • The main elements of a process.
  • Clients, their requirements, the product(s)
  • The inputs, triggers, and activities of a process.
  • The 360 degree audit of the process, interested parties, and the processes in their context.
  • Analyzing the risks inherent in a process.
  • The necessary resources (5M).
  • Elements to monitor and assess, and the indicators.

Managing and improving processes
  • The objectives of a process.
  • The improvement loops of a process (short loop, long loop).
  • Decision making bodies and the plans of action in processes.
  • Reviewing a process.
  • Managing interfaces.
  • The various roles (manager, sponsor, process team member, stakeholder).
  • Reporting: principle and realization.
  • Grid for assessing the efficiency of processes.
  • Resource management, the efficiency of a process.

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  • Code:QPM0236
  • Duration : 2days