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Internal process audits

  • Objectives

    • To acquire a method and tools for carrying out a process audit in its entirety.
    • To contribute to the continual improvement of audited processes.
    • To assess the efficiency of a process during the audit.
  • Keywords

    Audit - Preparing an audit - Carrying out an audit - Audit reports - Audit conclusion.
  • The advantages

    • Real audit interviews are prepared and carried out during this training course (80% of the training course's duration).
    • Participants alternate from playing the role of auditor and audited.
  • Aimed at

    Current/new internal quality auditors responsible for carrying out process audits as part of a quality management system.


The quality management system (QMS)
  • The logic of management system standards.
  • The role of auditing in the management of an organization.
  • Audits according to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 19011.

Process audits
  • The objectives of a process audit.
  • The expectations of audited persons, auditors and the company.
  • Basic terminology.
  • The advantages and restraints in carrying out a process audit.
  • The principle of carrying out a process audit.
  • The auditing process.
  • The analysis and the grading of risks inherent in a process.
The various phases of the process audit
    • Preparation: description of the process to be audited, collecting documents, developing queries, information.
    • Achievement: the various stages: opening, collection of facts, assessment.
    • Effective attitudes and behaviors of the auditor. The principles of effective communication; advice for carrying out the audit.
    • The summary and report of the process audit: the structure
    • and the content of the report; assessment, risk and improvement sheets. Grading the process: level of skill and efficiency.
    • The corrective and/or preventive plan of action.
    • Monitoring the continuous improvement of the process.

    This training course is also carried out within companies for training groups of internal auditors by using methods specific to the company.

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      • Code:QAM0190
      • Duration : 3days