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FMECA: implementation and plan of action

  • Objectives

    • To master the method of implementing the FMECA tool.
    • To learn how to take the specificities of your company into consideration in the implementation of FMECA.
  • Keywords

    Risk - Failure- Criticality - FMECA.
  • The advantages

    • Work on the FMECA tool based on practical examples and exchange based on examples of companies in order to facilitate understanding.
    • Development of a personalized plan of action for the implementation of FMECA for each participant
  • Aimed at

    Managers of the production unit.
    Quality and development managers.
    Project or product managers.
    Product or process quality officers.


What is FMECA?
  • Complete quality and FMECA: the prevention and analysis of risks; FMECA and problem solving.
  • FMECA within your development process.
  • The different types of FMECA (product, process, project, etc.).
  • The FMECA team and its leader.
  • The various stages: analysis, criteria, choice, actions.
  • Summary of each stage: method and objectives, application within real situations, analysis of results obtained, highlighting key points (facilitating factors and risk factors).
  • Presentation and analysis of examples from companies.
  • Implementation conditions of the FMECA: the functioning of a FMECA group, the development of a FMECA project within a company.
  • Creating of a plan for implementing FMEC
  • within your company. advice regarding your project, diagnosis of the feasibility of a FMECA project.
  • Simulations, exercises and plan of action for the implementation of FMECA in the field.

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  • Code:QNM0243
  • Duration : 2days