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Quality - Health and safety - Environment


  • To meet the quality demands and the needs of clients, to ensure conformity with regulations and frames of reference, to assure the physical and mental health of employees, and to respect the environment

Today, it is your challenge to meet all of these challenges, by:

  • Organizing the company in a way that benefits management, performance and risk management.
  • Combining regulatory and normative requirements with operational constraints.
  • Mastering the tools and methods for improving the conformity of products, limiting environmental impacts and reducing the risks of accidents.


  1. A comprehensive range of 110 training courses, giving you targeted solutions on the topics of quality, safety, health and environment in the workplace.
  2. A number of certified and accredited training courses: IRCA, ICA, CHSCT, AQF/PSA.
  3. Senior training consultants, all of which boast operational experience and some of which are certified.
  4. The active participation of CSP experts in AFNOR standardization committees concerning quality management and risk management, and in work involving the drafting of future norms.
  5. 40 years of experience in terms of quality and mastering processes, applied to improve the performance of organizations.
  6. Thanks to exchanges between the CSP expert networks, the domain regularly benefits from input from other subjects that nurture it and enable us to offer training courses with an atypical approach.

It's our clients that know best!

Mastering the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard

A very educational method; very structured; objective very much centered upon obtaining the ISO 9001 standard; good balance between the trainer's input and scenario work within the exercises.

Damien V., quality project manager in an insurance firm.

Internal process audit

There were 2 things that I found particularly great during this training course, especially since I expected to get quite bored during the theory work; the training course was actually as much made up of practical work as it was theory, with audit simulations - in addition, the trainer, who was very nice - and an auditor himself – made sure that we participated actively via numerous exercises.

Isabelle, risk manager in the banking sector.

Managing and optimizing processes

As the trainer knew all of the ins and outs of the subject, he was able to adapt the training course to meet our specific needs while at the same time sticking to the program. Two dynamic and extremely interesting days which helped us look at processes in a different light

Aïssa, account manager for a telecommunications company.