Purchasing - Sub-contracting - Logistics


    Making savings in purchasing, making deliveries "just in time", reducing stocks, lowering supplier numbers, lowering procurement costs to their minimum, taking into account sustainable development when it comes to purchasing and transport... The purchasing and supply chain functions are taking on an increasingly strategic dimension within companies and are having to take into account new challenges. In order to meet these challenges, purchasing and logistics professionals must:

  • Learn how to negotiate accurately while taking into account sustainable development and the company's code of ethics.
  • Professionalize their techniques: purchasing strategy, mastering logistic flows, supplier auditing.
  • Anticipate changes in legislation, markets and suppliers.


  1. Training courses suiting all levels of expertise: occasional, experienced or expert buyers and logisticians.
  2. An offer designed to meet the increasing requirement for professionalization: sharpening negotiating techniques, managing a dashboard, mastering legal aspects, evaluating suppliers, taking into consideration sustainable development, etc.
  3. Thematic training courses: to meet the requirement for specific skills.
  4. Teaching based on action: practical tool box, scenario work based on real situations, self-assessment of your practices, educational game.