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Turning stress into positive energy

  • Objectives

    • Becoming more serene and effective the better to deal with stress in one’s working life
    • Discovering one’s potential and one’s resources.
    • Developing new practices to respond positively to different work pressures.
    • Building one’s personal strategy to enhance one’s well-being at work.
  • Keywords

    Stress – Dealing with tensions – Work Pressure.
  • The advantages

    • Self assessment.
    • Practicing with participants’ own situations.
    • Progressive assimilation of tools.
    • Free book: “Efficiency without stress” by M-C. Nivoix and P. Lebreton (Editions d’Organisation).
  • Aimed at

    • Anyone who needs to manage their stressful situations.


More, better, faster …
How to deal with this pressure, how to step back for a calmer look, and respond positively to the many
stresses of working life?

Understanding the mechanisms of stress
  • How stress works. Good stress and bad stress, the stages.
  • Self assessment: assessing one’s stress level.
  • Identifying stressors at the individual, interpersonal and organisational levels.
  • Surveying the effects on the body, mind and behaviour.

Knowing how to combine relaxation and performance at work
  • Acquiring the relaxation reflex: breathing, visualisation.
  • Developing performance and balance: discharged energy – recharged energy.

Improving the handling of emotions in stressful situations
  • Spotting risky situations.
  • Responding to one’s needs to get back one’s balance.
  • Expressing one’s emotions constructively.

Reining in one’s thinking to one’s work objectives
  • Developing motivating messages.
  • Learning to let go when necessary.

Gaining in confidence
  • Reinforcing a positive image of oneself and the other.
  • Using signs of recognition.
  • Relying on one’s own resources.
  • Rediscovering one’s motivation and enthusiasm after a difficult situation, transforming one’s problems into objectives.

Defining one’s objectives and implementing one’s action strategy
  • Each participant plans his personal training program to deal with stressful situations.


  • Code:OPM0116
  • Duration : 2days