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Taking notes and minutes

  • Objectives

    • Taking notes means making a summary as quickly as possible of the main points of a written or spoken account.
    • To learn, from your notes, how to recreate the account, the meeting or the text read.
  • Keywords

    Note-taking - Writing minutes - Speed -Note-taking techniques- Meeting.
  • The advantages

    • Practicing note-taking with the help of a video support.
    • Progressive learning thanks to targeted exercises
    • Personalized work based on your note-taking situations and your minutes of meetings.
  • Aimed at

    • Anyone who is responsible for taking notes and passing on in writing the information from a message read or heard.


Taking note
  • Intellectual, psychological and material preparation.
  • The different note-taking techniques depending on the context: meeting, discussion, lecture...
  • Tools for note-taking: telegraphic style writing, abbreviations, ideograms.
  • Structuring notes.

  • Structure:
- LRT (logical reasoning training): a simple tool for creating minutes from notes taken;
- OSTMS (objective, strategy, tactics, methods, schedule): structuring your thoughts in order to develop a plan:the various plans for writing minutes.
  • The editorial part:
- the introduction and the conclusion;
- style, phrases and words;
- vocabulary, quotes.
    • The structure of minutes:
      - adaptable according to expectations;
      - efficient according to the reader.

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          • Code:ONM0156
          • Duration : 2days