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Listening for better communication

  • Objectives

    • Better listening for better mutual understanding

    • Assimilating an attitude which encourages dialogue.

    • Acquiring techniques of “active listening”
  • Keywords

    Communication - Cooperation - Listening - Empathy - Charisma.
  • The advantages

    • Teaching film played by actors, as food for thought.
    • Video training.
    • CD-ROM included to remind you to keep up the good work of regular self assessment after the course.[/P
  • Aimed at

    Anyone who wishes to progress in opening up to others and brush up their listening on a daily basis.


Test: assessing your habitual listening mode and the effects on others
  • Physical presence of the listener.
  • Mental attentiveness.
  • Interpersonal approachability.
  • Obstacles to listening: the different ways of being deaf.

Keys to quality listening for good communication
  • Empathy: putting people at ease and keeping up a good atmosphere, cultivating objectivity.
  • Knowing how to put yourself in the other's place without losing your own.
  • Cultivating a non-judgmental attitude.
  • Showing interest: soliciting ideas from others, differentiating understanding from agreement.
  • Taking your time: the weight of silence, not refuting at once, allowing reaction.
  • Hearing the explicit, listening for the implicit.
  • Distinguishing facts, logic, opinions, needs, emotions.
  • Emotional maturity: being able to take on board other people's emotions without feeling submerged or too indifferent.

Active listening techniques: alternating attitudes depending on the situations
  • The different types of reformulation.
  • The art of questioning
  • Helping the other to expound his thinking.
  • Daring to get involved and make suggestions wisely.

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  • Winning the other's trust, p. 119.


    • Code:OPM0270
    • Duration : 2days