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Expression in groups: daring to say it and knowing how®

  • Objectives

    • Expressing oneself fluently within one’s team and work groups.
    • Overcoming speaker’s block in groups.
    • Getting involved while staying detached in dealing with work issues.
    • Generating a climate of cooperation.
    • Better observation of the interactions in the group’s work.
  • Keywords

    Team - Synergy - Cooperation - Impact - Participation.
  • The advantages

    • Improvisation, role play and exercises on real life situations to acquire reflexes of poise and know-how.
    • Feedback • video and in depth analysis.
    • Several diagnostic tools.
  • Aimed at

    • Employees, entrepreneurs, managers who want to encourage the development of effective behaviours in groups.


Better self knowledge for improved teamwork
  • Identifying and analysing blocking elements and self-generated communication difficulties.
  • Strengthening self-confidence and trust in others: mobilising one’s resources, developing one’s talents.
  • Daring to show one’s best side: optimising one’s image, finding one’s place, recognising one’s skills.

Succeeding in Daring to say it and knowing how ®: techniques of interpersonal intelligence
  • Taking the time to listen.
  • Expressing yourself to be heard.
  • Knowing how to call on others’ help.
  • Distinguishing convincing from bringing on board.
  • Being a persuasive force.
  • Knowing how to give constructive alerts.
  • Daring to say what people don’t want to hear: courage to speak to clarify.
  • Daring to say no.
  • Keeping emotions in their right place.
  • Facing up to the unforeseen, and to discontent.
  • Handling objections. Dealing with aggression.

Successful self-expression in groups
  • Understanding the human mechanisms in a work group.
  • Knowing how to modify one’s view of the group members.
  • Regulating the two parameters: relationships and the job in hand.
  • Making others disposed to solve problems.
  • Characteristics of effective groups.

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    • Code:OPM0009
    • Duration : 3days