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Efficient written and spoken summaries

  • Objectives

    • To turn your analyses into summaries: drawing out the essential points.
    • To adapt a summary to meet the needs of its addressees and to meet an objective.
    • To define a main theme and decide on a plan of action in order to communicate this.
    • To express yourself clearly and concisely.
  • Keywords

    Summary - Oral presentation - Written expression - Written- Conciseness.
  • The advantages

    • Tools which are very operational and easily assimilated.
    • Methods supported by precise and practical training exercises.
    • Personalized work based on your professional experiences.
  • Aimed at

    Technicians and engineers, market researchers, auditors, experts, general researchers, and executive assistants who, as part of their role, are ever responsible for writing summaries and presenting them.


Clarifying the objective and adjusting the written or spoken summary to meet the requirements of its addressees
  • The OSTMS method: objective, strategy, tactics, means, scheduling

From the analysis to the summary
  • Collecting, verifying and validating sources of information.
  • Analyzing content and defining the main ideas.
  • Comparing and highlighting meaningful relationships.
  • Determining the main theme and deciding how to communicate this.
  • Writing a concise summary.

Expressing yourself in the style of a summary: heightening clarity and conciseness
  • Emphasizing key ideas and coherence between paragraphs.
  • Titles, captions, link sentences.
  • Introduction and conclusion.
  • The essentials when it comes to oral presentation.
Each participant benefits from numerous exercises based on case studies and personalized professional case studies.

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  • Code:ONM0036
  • Duration : 2days