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Effective written communication for managers

  • Objectives

    • To strengthen the methodology through writing.
    • To be sure to effectively reach your reader(s).
    • To improve the quality of your writing in the company.
  • Keywords

    Written document - Draft - Convincing - Structure -Readability - Efficiency.
  • The advantages

    • Customization of the training course thanks to the training course's case studies.
    • Practical exercises to try out the various methods.
    • Development of a personalized plan of action.
  • Aimed at

    Managers responsible for creating written documents for any reader


Structuring your thoughts: 2 methods for managing your ideas
    • Creativity and techniques for producing ideas
    • Developing an idea.
    • Putting in place a plan according to the intention of the writer and the objective to be reached: being convincing, providing information...
    • Respecting a structure – Two methods
    - LRT (logical reasoning training) ; – OSTMS (objective, strategy, tactics, methods, scheduling).

    Improving the quality of your writing: techniques and rules for writing
    • Ceating a written document.
    • Enriching, constructing and mastering the sentence.
    • Conciseness, simplification, summary.
    • The well-argued text.
    • Threadability criteria that heighten efficiency
    • Researching various plans suitable for written documents.
    • Techniques for writing an introduction and a conclusion.

    The rules for writing professional documents
    • The review.
    • The report.
    • The summary.
    • The memoir.
    • Articles.
    • Procedures.
    • Written administrative documents
    • E-mails.

    • Communicating effectively: Process Communication Management (PCM), p. 118.
    • Forwarding, managing and organizing your ideas with MindMapping, p. 133


    • Code:ONM0119
    • Duration : 3days