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Professional development - Personal development - Communication


  • Knowing how to cooperate, to communicate effectively, to be heard, read and understood, and managing conflict situations: interpersonal skills and "people skills" have become real keys to success.
  • Another key to success: personal efficiency. Managing your time and priorities, managing stress, balancing your professional life and your private life, writing effective summaries in this e-mail- and IT-dominated world filled with multiple demands... efficiency cannot be acquired immediately - this is something that has to be learned!
  • Both managers and employees, personal development is everyone's business.


  1. 99.9 % of participants would recommend the training courses to their colleagues!
  2. A team of senior consultants each with experience within companies combined with a specific skill: communication expert, actor, occupational psychologist, author of reference books, etc.
  3. Innovative and efficient teaching methods in order to make knowledge stick: self-diagnosis, test, emphasis of key points, role plays, scenario work, real-life case studies, sharing experience, educational games, etc.
  4. All of the basics of professional efficiency: public speaking, assertiveness, stress management, emotional intelligence, time and priority management, efficient note taking, etc.
  5. Internationally-renowned methods, with certified trainers: PCM®, TA, NLP, NVC, MBTI®, Hermann model, enneagram…
  6. Innovative approaches: with horses, artistic (pictorial, theatrical, musical), encouraging body intelligence.

It's our clients that know best!

Effective speaking

I learned lots of different methods that I will be able to use in my interviews and meetings thanks to all of the practical exercises, the explanations and the personal advice. The training course was very lively, insightful and operational. The three days went by so quickly!

Marc V., project manager in the sector of transport facilities construction.

Asserting yourself - Assertiveness

I particularly enjoyed the scenario work, role plays and the personalized advice provided by the trainer. I feel more confident with others, more sure of myself and more involved in my role.

Samira B., IT manager in the pharmaceutical sector.

Turning stress into positive energy

I should have taken part in this training course sooner! I learned how to concentrate on my breathing; I developed the ability to calm myself down and to see things in a positive light. In stressful situations, I often use an anchoring that I learned during the training course, which really helps

Olivier R., reception manager in the hotel industry.


The impact of training courses in personal development and communication on day-to-day efficiency.

CSP Formation launched a survey with 200 participants and managers in order to assess the impact of the training courses on the company and to identify the needs of tomorrow.

  • Those who were asked judged the development of personal efficiency and interpersonal skills essential in dealing with company changes.
  • The feedback regarding investment was very clear The participants and their managers believed that the training courses had a big impact: on average, they gave them a mark of 7/10, and 30% of the training courses were given a mark of 8/10.
    100% of managers who had employees taking part in the training course believe that this course had a positive impact on their know-how, and 97% of them on their people skills, emphasizing increased efficiency.
  • Positive results regarding people skills and know-how

5 main advantages in terms of people skills: they made progress in getting to know themselves better, they are managing their emotions better, they are becoming more assertive, they are more comfortable in their role and they are managing problematic and conflict situations better.

3 main advantages in terms of know-how: the improvement of oral communication, looking at others or the company in a different light, and the increase in efficiency.