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Successful transversal management

  • Objectives

    Discovering the fundamentals of transversal management.
    Reinforcing one's legitimacy and credibility as transverse manager.
    Deploying the levers of influence in line with one's transverse mission
    Helping people relate in transverse management.
  • Keywords

    Transversal - Influence - Leadership.
  • The advantages

    • Alternates theoretical knowledge and simulated situations.
    • Simulated situations from real life examples related to the participants' recent practice and experience
    • Definition of a personalised action plan.
  • Aimed at

    Anyone in charge of a transverse mission who has to lead a group of persons in a working relationship.


Concepts and purpose of transversal management
  • Identifying specifics of transversal management.
  • Issues, challenges and difficulties of transversal management.

Roles and responsibilities of the transverse manager
  • Developing one's legitimacy.
  • Responsibility and added value of the transverse manager.
  • The transverse manager's key roles.
  • Practical reinforcement: the transverse manager's compass.

Steering transversality: acting as a strategist and leader
  • dentifying the players involved in the transverse mission.
  • Assessing the mission's impacts on the players concerned in terms of benefits/risks.
  • Exercising one's leadership to set the players in motion.
  • Promoting one's mission within the organisation.
  • Practical reinforcement: identifying the forces present and preparing one's strategy.
  • Obtaining and keeping team members' commitment outside the hierarchy.
  • Practical reinforcement: individual and collective simulated situations.

Promoting the dynamics of cooperation
  • The principles of cooperation.
  • Preferring collective dynamics to individual logic: key concepts.
  • Building cooperation from interdependence.
  • Practical reinforcement: cooperation game.

Communicating and negotiating for a successful transverse mission
  • Tools of constructive dialogue.
  • Fundamentals of a successful negotiation.
  • Handling tricky situations.
  • Practical reinforcement: teaching video and simulated situation.

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  • Code:MEM0742
  • Duration : 2days