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Risk management in project supervision

  • Objectives

    • Providing effective methods and tools for risk management missions.
    • Knowing how to anticipate risks and take the necessary decisions.
  • Keywords

    Risks - Project - Identification - Opportunities.
  • The advantages

    • Tools for defining and prioritising risks to be dealt with
    • Simple, accessible and effective methods.
  • Aimed at

    • Project managers, project directors, leaders, managers.


The purpose of risk management
  • The concept of risk: risks, hazards, unforeseens.
  • The process of risk management.
  • Identifying risks.
  • Analysing the status quo (ADC, 6M, PARETO).

Different risk factors
  • Organisational.
  • Behavioural.
  • Managerial.
  • Technological.
  • Political.
  • Environmental.
  • Financial.
  • Security.

Risk analysis methods
  • Risk sheets.
  • Risk types.
  • Examples of risk type lists.
  • Risk weighting and ranking according to the AMDEC.

Stages in risk treatment
  • Different attitudes to risks: prevention, reduction, reaction.
  • Risk shedding and reduction scenarios.
  • Building a risks database.
  • Feedback through experience and learning risk management.

Risk culture at company, department and team level

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  • Code:MPM0443
  • Duration : 2days