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Mastering day-to-day negotiation

  • Objectives

    Facilitating employee's listening and understanding.
    Knowing how to appraise each person's
    maturity so as to adopt a suitable leadership style.
    Acquiring the behaviours as second nature: knowing how to use the 4 possible intervention styles with ease.
    Exerting a personalised and motivating leadership.
  • Keywords

    Influence - Power - Behaviour.
  • The advantages

    • Plenty of negotiation simulations.
    • Acquire an easily applied methodical and structured approach.
    • Acquire the tools of constructive dialogue.
  • Aimed at

    Anyone in a managing position who wants to develop his personal impact and improve his employees' efficiency.


Distinguishing the different types of negotiation and their impact
  • Definition of a negotiation.
  • The criteria of a successful negotiation.

Strategic negotiation: pros and cons
  • Responds to the legitimate interests of both parties.
  • Creates a partnership relation which helps obtain mutual satisfaction.

Negotiation on positions: pros and cons
  • Soft negotiation or "laisser-faire": it is prejudicial to the negotiator's interests.
  • Hard negotiation or "camping on one's positions": results in a difficult and shaky agreement, and compromises the relations between the negotiators.

Knowing and implementing the keys to strategic negotiation
  • 1st: the men
  • 2nd key: the objective criteria.
  • 3rd key: common interests
  • 4th key: novel solutions
  • 5th key: effective retreat.

Preparing the negotiation
  • Defining the issues and objectives of the negotiation.
  • Drawing up a negotiation strategy.
  • Defining what is not negotiable.
  • Preparing the aids to communication.

Training to conduct a negotiation
  • Identify the different stages of negotiation.
  • Starting a negotiation.
  • Presenting arguments and answering objections.
  • Seeking out the mutual benefits and confirming points of agreement along the way.
  • Closing a negotiation, following up.

Preserving the personal relation
  • Knowledge of oneself and of the other, communication, friendliness, psychological conditions


  • Code:MEM0048
  • Duration : 3days