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Managing one's time and priorities to be more efficient

  • Objectives

    To encourage the development of an effective hierarchical style suitable to the working environment.
    Working on the three main areas of
    management: communication and interpersonal relations, exercising hierarchical relationships, organizing and leading a work group.
  • Keywords

    Communication - Leadership - Performance -Local - Team.
  • The advantages

    • The opportunity to acquire the local managers reflex behaviors.
    • Self-assessment of your managerial behavior: strong points and areas for improvement.
    • Directly operational tools.
  • Aimed at

    Supervisors and team managers with
    a management role or set to take on this role in the near future.


The different types of management.
  • The requirements of the individual in the work place.
  • Self-assessment:: profile of the management style of each participant.
  • Identifying the various management styles.
  • Motivating a team and each of its members: the impact of the difference between support and rallying.
Communication within the team
  • Informing others and informing yourself.
  • Analyzing the behavior of participants in a communication situation: success, dysfunctions.
  • Attitudes in interview situations: the impact of your behavior.
  • Making information sink in: exercises and role plays
Interpersonal relations
  • Requirements (their origin and how they manifest themselves).
  • Research, understanding the needs of others.
  • Listening to others.
  • Adapting to individual and collective requirements.
  • Making information sink in: exercises and role plays
Personal work methods
  • Research and the classification of information.
  • Analyzing problem solving situations: case studies.
  • Decision-making method.
  • Case studies: decision making.
Group work and leading a work group
  • Realizing the efficiency of group work.
  • The role of the leader of a work group.
  • Making information sink in: team leading role play.
  • Collective decision making.


  • Code:MEM0020
  • Duration : 2days