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Managing a project team

  • Objectives

    • Acquiring the methods and tools to lead a team on a project (occasional and full-time project participants) with ease.
    • Motivating the team and creating a collective synergy within the team. Handling interfaces with external elements.

  • Keywords

    Project – Team - Management - Cooperation.
  • The advantages

    • Awareness building exercises, tests.
    • Simulated project situations
  • Aimed at

    • Project coordinators, project managers.


Roles and functions
  • Identifying the different types of projects and the different types of organisation.
  • Defining the respective missions of the project coordinator; members of the project team; the sponsor; the steering committee.
  • Efficiency criteria of a project team.

Leading a project team
  • Building a project team with the desired skills.
  • Leading and conducting project and progress reviews.
  • Adapting one’s management style to suit the skills.
  • Drawing up the teams working charter.
  • Handicaps and assets for successful leadership.

Coordination and information
  • Monitoring member commitments.
  • Carrying out trade-offs between priorities.
  • Setting up a system of communication.
  • Weighing results and feedback.

  • Handling tensions and conflicts positively: within the project team, with the speciality hierarchy, with other interlocutors (suppliers, sub-contractors…).

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  • Code:MPM0281
  • Duration : 3days