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Managing a multicultural team

  • Objectives

    Handling a multicultural team keeping in mind each person's cultural peculiarity.
    Applying tools to install an atmosphere of trust.
    Rallying the team around shared objectives and getting commitment from each member.
    Anticipating misunderstandings due to cultural differences and finding solutions which respect the cultures present.
  • Keywords

    Difference - Cultural - Codes - International.
  • The advantages

    • Active teaching using real life examples.
    • Learning the attitudes to adopt to work better together.
    • Certified trainers.
  • Aimed at

    Managers, international project leaders, human resource managers, managers dealing with a merger or with a multicultural context, locally or at a distance.


Intercultural communication
  • Recognising and handling cultural shock.
  • Understanding the behaviour of colleagues from different cultures. Preventing cultural misunderstandings.
  • Identifying possible situations and misunderstandings encountered by participants on the ground.
  • Cultural differentiation factors and the impact of perception: relation with the environment, with power, with the space. Different ideas of time. Formal/informal communication. Ways of thinking
  • Interactions between national cultures and company cultures.

Managing a multicultural team
  • Getting a better understanding of hierarchical relations, handling criticism and conflicts.
  • How cultures perceive authority and management.
  • Identifying and understanding codes and protocols in organising a meeting.
  • Making an effective presentation in an intercultural context.
  • The impact of culture on management: motivating, solving problems, passing round information, taking decisions, finding consensus.
  • Skills of the international manager.

How to create synergy effects in a long distance multicultural team
  • Overcoming conflicts and linguistic barriers.
  • Written and oral intercultural communication: e-mails, telephone, mail, organising meetings, planning…
  • Uniting people around company culture of shared values and beliefs.
  • Analysing the key attitudes to adopt and which skills to reinforce to work better together.


  • Code:MEM0919
  • Duration : 2days