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Management and hierarchical relationships

  • Objectives

    To identify the different types of hierarchical practices and their consequences on interpersonal communications, the motivation and performance of the team, and objective to be reached.
    To acquire the know-how enabling you to develop the innovation capacity of the team, and enabling the implementationœ of operational tools.
  • Keywords

    Management - Motivation - Performance -Leadership.
  • The advantages

    • Self-assessment of your managerial behavior: strong points and areas for improvement.
    • A very hands-on approach to day-to-day management.
    • Acquisition of directly operational tools.
  • Aimed at

    Executives with a managerial role


The functions of managerial staff
  • The role of the manager and its development.
  • The priority duties of the manager.
Interpersonal communications
  • Passing on messages.
  • Imbalances and palliatives: effective exchanges.
  • Non-verbal attitudes and communication.
  • •Practical exercises: experimenting with the difficulties faced in communication, learning the key solutions.
The interview
  • The different types of interviews.
  • Attitudes and their impacts on relationships.
  • Developing behavioral flexibility.
  • The structure of the interview.
  • Scenario work: case studies and role plays.
Motivation and performance
  • Identifying and understanding individual and collective needs.
  • Developing and promoting your team's resources by adopting positive language and behavior.
  • Giving your employees a sense of responsibility: involving them in various projects.
  • Making the most out of their skills: delegation.
  • Making information sink in: instilling motivation, the motivational interview.
Management styles
  • The different types of management.
  • Identifying your personal style.
  • Adapting your management style to your environment.
  • Self-assessment: each participant analyses their own behavior with the help of a diagnostic grid.
Leading a work group
  • The duties essential to a group when trying to reach an objective.
  • Scenario work: role play for practice leading a group.


  • Code:MEM0001
  • Duration : 3days