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Local managers: the role and function of managerial staff

  • Objectives

    Become aware of the essential keys for exercising leadership.
    Become a leader who "imparts meaning"
    Better management of one's decision making process.
    Learn to convey enthusiasm and discover its benefits for one's team.
  • Keywords

    Leadership - Vision - Meaning - Action.
  • The advantages

    • In depth work on 5 key elements of practical leadership.
    • Very practical approach to exercising leadership.
    • Exclusively action-oriented course content.
  • Aimed at

    Managers, project heads and work managers wishing to work on their personal power in the exercise of their management.


Key 1: imparting meaning
  • Embodying the vision .
  • Energising one's team using these two elements.
  • Practical exercises: expressing vision, pep talks.

Key 2: conveying one's enthusiasm and giving confidence
  • Being enthusiastic to inspire enthusiasm.
  • Drumming in the need for constant improvement.
  • Test: what do you do with your feelings?
  • Solidifying what has been learnt: conveying a message with measured emotion, 2 minutes to convince.

Key 3: deciding and regulating
  • Daring to decide, standing by one's decisions.
  • Handling foul play. Expressing a criticism.
  • Handling interpersonal conflicts.
  • Practical exercises: individual and collective decision making.

Key 4: encouraging action
  • Creating the right conditions for initiative.
  • Setting employees and teams in motion.
  • Regulating the pressure.
  • Educational game: energising a team.

Key 5: being there for your team
  • Being there to listen to each one and to the team.
  • Helping the teams to deal with situations and remove obstacles.
  • Assisting with change.

  • MBTI® knowing yourself better to relate to others better, p. 47.

  • Situational Manager: exercising leadership from day to day, p. 30.

  • Convincing and Persuading, p. 32.


    • Code:MEM0017
    • Duration : 3days