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Delegating efficiently

  • Objectives

    To acquire the tools and the methods to deal with delegation better on a day-to-day basis.
    To develop a know-how and people skills in order to delegate successfully, in the spirit of "win win".
  • Keywords

    Trust - Audit - Competencies -Delegation.
  • The advantages

    • A methodological and structured approach based on concrete tools.
    • A large amount of exercises and scenario work for more extensive practical training.
  • Aimed at

    Managers and those with a supervisory or managerial role, hierarchical managers and project managers.
    Anyone who is led to delegate (horizontally or vertically) or who receives delegation.


Delegation: its purpose and its principles
  • Why delegate?
  • Delegation and working in partnership, development of hierarchical relations.
  • How to delegate? The context of delegation.
  • What to delegate and to whom?

Mutual commitments, methods, responsibilities
  • The obstacles to avoid, the basic rules and regulations.

Delegating on a day to day basis
  • Preparing the delegation: fixing delegation objectives.
  • Giving meaning to the delegation: present it, negotiate its terms.
  • Communicate in a motivational way: make people aware, gain people's support, and incite people to act.
  • Fixing the rules of the game and defining how to support the delegation.
  • Circulating information.
  • Trust and control, two complementary notions.
  • Reporting, debriefing, review.
  • Evaluating and acknowledging the achievement.
  • Making information sink in: scenario work and role plays.

Delicate points with regard to delegation
  • Drift management (refocusing), hazard management.
  • Refusing a delegation.
  • The impact on the increase of value added.
  • Making information sink in: scenario work and role plays.

  • Situational management: exercising leadership on a daily basis, p.33.

  • Managing your team of managers, p. 40.


    • Code:MEM0405
    • Duration : 2days