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Convincing and persuading

  • Objectives

    Mastering argumentation techniques for convincing and persuading an interlocutor and an audience.
    Developing one's interpersonal skills.
  • Aimed at

    Anyone who wishes to develop his powers of argumentation and persuasion.


Presenting an argument, convincing, persuading, influencing
  • The art of speaking well.
  • “You can't not argue.”
  • Criteria of effective argumentation.

Preparing one's argumentation strategy
  • Analysing the situation and defining one's objective.
  • Taking stock of one's interlocutors.
  • Preparing a line of argument.
  • Anticipating objections.
  • Evaluating one's strategy.

Mastering the techniques of argumentation
  • Techniques of reasoning.
  • Techniques of persuasion.
  • Techniques for fielding objections.

Developing one's interpersonal skills
  • Wanting to convince and persuade.
  • Words, gestures, a voice … to convince.
  • Meeting the other on his territory.
  • What happens counts as much as the content.

Influencing with integrity
  • Power, influence and leadership.
  • Spotting manipulation mechanisms.
  • Integrity: precondition for effectiveness and influence.
  • Becoming an influential person.

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  • Situational Management: exercising leadership from day to day, p. 30.


  • Code:MEM0511
  • Duration : 3days