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Management - Leadership


In turbulent and complex environments, it is the manager that sets the example, becoming the point of reference that will influence the behavior of all employees.

In order to take on this responsibility with confidence, managers have to:

  • prepare to face the unexpected;
  • set an example and set relevant benchmarks;
  • mobilize the power of the team and stimulate cooperation;
  • create working conditions that favor the involvement of the employee;
  • provide support for each and every employee to help them make the best of their potential.

Two major tasks are at the heart of managerial action: managing different types of behavior and organizing the production of results. The skills required in order to carry out this task successfully are multiple and diverse.

It is with energy and enthusiasm that we will provide you with the support you need on the path to developing real managerial talent.


  1. Consultants who demonstrate rich managerial experience and the ability to share this experience with others.
  2. Effective teaching methods based on self-diagnoses, tests and scenario work based on real-life events in order to develop fundamental managerial reflexes. Original educational games: the manager snakes and ladders, situational management, Chaos at infoland, Rainbow.
  3. Internationally-renowned approaches, lead by certified trainers: MBTI®, 360-degree feedback, PCM®, Élément Humain®, SUCCESS INSIGHTSTM, etc.
  4. Original and innovative approaches involving the theatre, music and horses.
  5. Complementary training methods: training course, practical workshop, group for sharing practices, intra/customized, advice, coaching, team building, skills assessment.

It's our clients that know best!

Successful transversal management

I acquired new managerial instincts, as well as new types of behavior. I now know how to mobilize and gain the commitment of my teams in a spirit of partnership, in a way that is beyond any hierarchical link

Anne D., human resources manager in the hospital sector.

Managing your time and your priorities

The preparation work that takes place before this training course is a real "plus" as it enabled us to compare all of the time management methods with our own, actual schedules.

Pablo C, department manager in the automobile sector.

Ensuring a successful start to your managerial mission

The training course was well led and all of the participants felt really at ease within the group. The subject was covered very comprehensively and was adapted to suit the needs of participants. The trainer and the group interacted very well. This was a practical and lively training course which featured a lot of scenario work followed by personalized advice.

Bérangère T., project director in the engineering sector.

Situational management, exercising leadership on a daily basis

1- A method easy to understand and memorize, and easy to put into practice on a daily basis. 2- A high level of interactivity enabling the constant involvement of trainees 3- Course material that is clear and which emphasizes main points 4- A lively and convincing trainer!