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Lean for operators

  • Objectives

    • To understand the role of operators in a Lean organization.
    • To master the tools necessary to fulfill your role as a committed, active operator.
    • To link the role of the operator with other roles within the organization.
  • Keywords

    Site surveys - Communication - Priorities -Lean - Factory.
  • The advantages

    • Finally a training course for operators!
    • Enhancing of the role of the operator, highlighted by the example.
    • Practical work with case studies and real tools currently used in companies.
    • Short duration suitable for targeted participants.
  • Aimed at

    • Operators involved in implementing a Lean approach.
    • All positions responsible for increasing information from the field for continuous improvement.


Managing continuous improvement
  • The communication loop.
  • The information processing loop.
  • Instances of prioritization fueled by operators in the field.
  • The keys to success: speed, accuracy, precision.
  • Suitable behavior: transparency, focusing on the facts, measures/objectives.

The role of operators in this management and the action they take
  • To know how to collect information from the source and how to do this at the right moment.
  • To interpret and structure information: Red/Green language, survey sheets
  • To get across information, to make the information stick: describing a problem, the 5 Ws.
  • To intercede with your manager within a decision-making body: knowing how to make yourself heard in a suitable manner, highlighting the challenges of an issue.
  • To help search for causes: looking for causes versus looking for “guilty parties”, the 5 Whys, the notion of the root cause.
  • Offering relevant and effective solutions: the link with analyzing the causes.

The benefits for the operator and the organization
  • Based on real-life situations, a comparative analysis of the complete information processing loop according to the quality and the relevance of the actions of the operator.
  • Highlights the importance of the role of the operator in the improvement loop.
  • Highlights the benefits for the operator: real priorities taken into account, problems dealt with quickly, a response to your concerns...

The global cycle of decision making bodies
  • The various frequencies: schedules, daily, weekly.
  • The actors and their roles.


  • Code:VLM1372
  • Duration : 1day