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Human resources - Competency management


The HR department, the temple of human values within a company, puts the individual at the heart of their profession, listening to the company's "social heartbeat" in view of anticipating major social and demographic phenomena. A key tool providing it with support: competency management or SWP, a decisive element in winning the war for talent!

Those working in HR are facing several challenges:

  • Managing employability and the internal mobility of employees.
  • Encouraging managers to be versatile and to broaden their skills, especially given that they act as the initial intermediaries with HR.
  • Providing support in the integration of diversity and disabled and senior members of staff
  • Managing a strategic workforce plan (SWP).
  • Putting in place a reward policy and system in order to show employees that they are valued and act as an incentive.
  • And finally, anticipating and providing support in the implementation of social reforms.


  1. Practical tools to professionalize the HR department: SWP tools, management of external services, training plan management, anticipation of reforms…
  2. Complementary training methods: training course, advice, auditing, skills assessment, professionalization course.
  3. Exclusive educational tools: self-diagnosis, scenario work, real-life case studies, sharing experience, educational game, e-learning…
  4. A team of senior consultants, all of which are former human resources managers.
  5. Ethics and diversity: client values and our duty to set a good example. CSP Formation is a member of Global Compact, a signatory of the Diversity Charter, and a member of IMS-Entreprendre pour la Cité and Les Entreprises Humaines.
  6. CSP Formation, the official partner of the TOP DRH, high-end events for HR and training managers/span>.

It's our clients that know best!

Training for occasional trainers

The advice provided by CSP was very beneficial. It helped me to successfully create a training course for a team of 80 sales and marketing employees - a real challenge!

Christophe P., sales manager in a distribution company.