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Finance - Accounts - Financial Management


  • Finance, accounting and management control are becoming increasingly important in companies, which is only heightened by the current crisis. Now employees from non-finance backgrounds as well as those from finance backgrounds are being judged on their financial performance, and are therefore having to:
  • Understand financial vocabulary and mechanisms: profitability, margin, earnings, cash flow, WC…
  • Take into consideration all financial parameters in plans of action in order to contribute to the company's financial strategy.
  • Ensure that each project achieves the expected profitability in order to contribute to the company's earnings.


  1. An offer structured according to your objectives.
  2. Specialized trainers for an audience from a non-finance background.
  3. VERY ACTIVE teaching methods: your examples, your case studies, and lots of educational games.
  4. Tools and methodologies handed over at the end of the training course.
  5. Hotline.

It's our clients that know best!

Finance for employees from non-finance backgrounds

All of a company's employees from a non-finance background - whether they are in a management position or not - are judged directly or indirectly on their financial performance: therefore, in order to secure our role within the company, we have to master the basics of finance, and the related vocabulary and mechanisms (...).

Bernard A., marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry.