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Sales for individuals in non-sales and marketing positions

  • Objectives

    • To integrate the "sales basics" in terms of tools, methods and behaviors.
    • To develop the interpersonal skills necessary in all different circumstances.
    • To actively carry out all of the stages of the sales and marketing process and to establish a link with all of the departments involved in this process.
  • Keywords

    Sales and Marketing employee - Client - Sales
  • The advantages

    • One of the best training courses in the field of client relations and sales and marketing.
    • Sharing knowledge and experiences with other individuals who are led to work in the field of sales and marking in their position.
    • Numerous practical training sessions.
  • Aimed at

    Any individual in contact with the client, either physically or over the telephone.


The challenges of client relations
  • Developments in markets, clients and the role that commercial actors are expected to play.
  • The sales and marketing process: purpose, challenges, perimeter.
  • The rights and responsibilities of clients and suppliers.

Getting to know yourself better in order to boost your sales skills
  • Diagnosing your attitudes when interacting with clients.
  • Combining all of your strong points and making progress in areas requiring improvement.
Communicating in a motivational way when it comes to your company and your offer
  • Raising the awareness of your offer in order to gain the support of your client and to incite them to act as part of the business relationship.
  • Speaking positively of your company.
  • Identifying and promoting whatever has a positive impact on the client.
  • Laying the foundations for a partnership relationship.
Obtaining information for selling
  • Preparing the contract.
  • The art of questioning.
  • Gathering information which will constitute the foundation of relations with the client.
  • Summarizing what you have discovered.
  • Really listening to the client in order to get to know them better.
  • Developing empathy.
  • Creating a climate of trust.
  • Constructing a balanced relationship

Mastering the techniques that sell
  • Giving depth and strength to your arguments.
  • Dealing with objections in a positive way.
  • Completing a sale.
Managing difficult situations
  • Diagnosing sensitive situations.
  • Creating negotiation scenarios.
  • Dealing with criticism.
  • Monitoring the handling of situations and promoting solutions.


  • Code:COM0712
  • Duration : 3days