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NEGOVision®: optimizing your business negotiations

  • Objectives

    • To understand the difference between sales and negotiation.
    • To know how to identify the challenges and the stakeholders of a negotiation.
    • Mastering the relevant subjects to negotiate.
    • Knowing your negotiator profile and improving your attitude.
    • Mastering the tools and techniques.
    • Knowing how to manage your negotiation
  • Keywords

    Negotiation - Client - Prospect.
  • The advantages

    • Case studies and scenario work based on real life situations.
    • Each participant is provided with a NEGOvision® kit enabling them to optimize their preparation.
  • Aimed at

    • Sales and marketing employees, technical sales employees.
    • Major or key accounts managers.
    • Export managers, directors.
    • Those with a knowledge of face to face sales, in a B to C or B to B environment.


Mastering the negotiation basics
  • Understanding the difference between sales and negotiation.
  • Validating the basics of interpersonal relations.
  • Knowing how to manage your time during a negotiation.

The NEGOvision® method: "3 stages and 5 actions"
    Preparing yourself for negotiation
      • Mastering the challenges of negotiation.
      • Knowing the decision making system of your client: actors, powers and influences.
      • Defining, evaluating and quantifying the subjects to be negotiated.
      • Evaluating the climate.
      • Anticipating the climate of exchanges during a negotiation.
      • Knowing your negotiator profile.

        Clarifying the situation at the outset
          • Highlighting the information required for the negotiation.
          • Knowing how to begin a negotiation in a positive manner.

            Mastering the negotiation techniques
              • Mastering the 4 basic negotiation techniques.
              • Knowing how to apply the right techniques depending on various situations.

                Reaching a negotiation
                  • Knowing how to use techniques to reach a negotiation.
                  • Reaching a final agreement.


                    • Code:CNM1180
                    • Duration : 3days