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Managing client relations within your teams

  • Objectives

    • To help your employees to gain a better understanding of clients, their values, their reactions, and the relations to maintain.
    • To develop client sensitivity among your employees, notably: knowing how to act with a client, identifying and dealing with client dissatisfaction, committing to the client, and defining key client-orientated management techniques.
  • Keywords

    Client relations- Satisfaction -Support- Management.
  • The advantages

    • Carrying out a self-assessment on the topic of client relations: the Boussole Client©
    • With the help of the CLIENDO® game: identifying and encouraging the best client behaviors.
    • The exemplary nature of customer relations and the standard of management required.
  • Aimed at

    • Any manager wishing to strengthen his/her skills and those of his/her team in terms of client relations.
    • Any manager that needs to structure the support of his/her teams in terms of client relations.


Testing your own client relations
  • Evaluating your own behavior towards your clients with the help of the Boussole Client© (exclusive test created by CSP).
  • Identifying your own areas for improvement in order to set an example.

Encouraging your employees to "think client"
  • Putting yourself in the client's shoes.
  • Getting a better idea of what the client thinks of the company.
  • Knowing what clients expect.
  • Taking into account use, image and relational values.
  • Staying in contact with the internal client for the benefit of the end client.

Identifying the collective challenge of client relations
    • Looking after clients with all internal components with the help of the game CLIENDO ®
    • Finding the right collective reflexes that will make client relations effective.

      Initiating client relations for you and your team
        • Rights and responsibilities of the client.
        • Being competent in customer relations in terms of beliefs, skill and behaviors.
        • Listening to the client and recognizing his/her voice.
        • Motivating your team with regard to client focus.
        • Creating a dashboard of direct and indirect indicators of the quality of client relations.

          Keeping client relations alive
          • Explaining the client focus required of you and your team.
          • Knowing how to arbitrate and to make the right decisions with regard to client incidents.
          • Implementing client relations with the company's obligations in mind.
          • Dealing with client dissatisfaction and having it dealt with


          • Code:COM0932
          • Duration : 2days