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Large accounts: winning them, developing them to reach one's objectives

  • Objectives

    • Signing up new accounts.
    • Developing business with large customers.
    • Rising through the hierarchy and having a meaningful dialogue with the general and financial managements.
    • Having an overall view of one’s action.
    • Implementing the fundamental principles of strategic action in one’s key accounts.
  • Keywords

    Accounts – Sales – Customer - Rep.
  • The advantages

    • Plenty of practical case histories from our participants’ own experience.
    • Participants receive the tools used in paper and digital form.
  • Prerequisite

    Knowledge of face to face selling,
    B to C or B to B.
  • Aimed at

    • Large account reps, key accounts, strategic accounts.
    • Business engineers.
    • Project managers.
    • Customer relations managers.


The main fundamentals of strategic action
  • Landscape, objectives and levers of strategic action.
  • Characteristics shared by all large accounts.
Tools for an overall vision
  • Having a systematic vision of the various players and of a project's life cycle.
  • Using the analytical tools of strategic marketing to: understand one's customer, his environment, his concerns and objectives; understanding his position and those of his competitors; analysing one's own organisation.
  • Internal players, the rules of the game, available resources.
  • Understanding one's job as large account rep.
Tools for winning a large account for developing existing accounts
  • Identifying and understanding players.
  • Their roles and influence in the buying process.
  • Their personal objectives and motivations.
  • Tools for financial assessment of a project (level 1).
Drawing up one's relational strategy and knowing how to take the "strategic elevator®".
  • Choosing a competitive strategy.
  • Detecting opportunities and eliciting projected purchases in one's accounts.
Tools for implementing and monitoring the strategic action
  • Account plan, action plan and business portfolio.
  • Monitoring and managing one's action by applying a quality control (PDCA


  • Code:CGM1181
  • Duration : 2days