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Essential Sales Techniques

  • Objectives

    On finishing this training the participants will have acquired:
    • A clear vision of the objectives and the process of selling.
    • A structured methodology for the sales interview.
    • The essential techniques to apply at each stage.
    • Tools for measuring their effectiveness.
  • Keywords

    Selling – Customer - Basics - Techniques Interview.
  • The advantages

    • Plenty of concrete cases based on participants’ situations and experiences.
    • Filming and commenting on role play games.
  • Aimed at

    • Beginning salesmen or those with some selling experience.
    • This training is specially aimed at B2B selling (selling to businesses).


The fundamental principles of selling
  • Answering the customer’s needs.
  • A step-by-step process.
  • Building an interpersonal relationship.

The basics of selling
    • Understanding the various steps of the selling process.
    • Understanding one’s interlocutor, his professional needs and his personal motivations.
    • Establishing the link between the buyer’s specific needs and what the seller has to sell.

      Preparing the sales interview
      • Defining one’s single selling objective: the 4 questions to ask oneself.
      • Collecting information before meeting one’s interlocutor.
      • Getting prepared technically and practically

      The 4 stages and the 6 key notions of the selling interview.
      • 1st stage: creating a relationship
      - When and how to start the interview.
      - How to create a relation of trust.

      2nd stage: discovering the customer’s needs
      - What to discover: the 3 levels of information to collect and use, needs and motivations, the process and the players in the decision.
      - How to discover: questioning techniques, reformulation and validation.

      3rd stage: making a favourable tie-up between what one is selling and the customer’s needs.
      - How to build an effective pitch based on what one has discovered.
      - Techniques for answering objections.

      4th stage: concluding the interview, closing the sales or committing the customer to the next stage.
      - Choosing the moment.
      - Closing techniques


      • Code:COM0014
      • Duration : 3days