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Dealing with client complaints on a daily basis

  • Objectives

    • To develop relational and commercial skills in order to manage complaints effectively.
    • To turn difficult situations into positive action for the benefit of the client and the company.
  • Keywords

    Complaints - Management - Client.
  • The advantages

    • An approach voluntarily centered upon case studies based on real-life situations.
    • A formative method and examples of situations experienced by companies enabling participants to easily apply what they have learned to their day-to-day activities.
  • Aimed at

    Anyone who has telephone contact with external and external clients:assistants, secretaries, executive assistants,office-based sales representatives, and customer services and client relations employees.


Taking a fair and positive view on the complaint
  • Defining the complaint.
  • Being on the same wavelength as the client.
  • Taking the complaint into account.
  • Noting down the facts and the essential points.
  • Making a diagnosis of the complaint.
  • Identifying the client's real requirement.
  • Collecting the information necessary for working out the causes for the complaint.
  • Considering the consequences of the complaint.
  • Finding common grounds with the client.
  • Promote a solution.

Developing your relational resources in order to maintain the client's trust
  • Recognizing the right to complain
  • Knowing how to listen, discuss, and find the right words.
  • Knowing how to be attentive and courteous.

Managing difficult situations effectively: aggressiveness, client pressure
  • Developing an accommodating attitude centered on the client.
  • Adopting a positive language and positive action verbs.
  • Coming across as responsible and dealing with diverse situations.
  • Reacting in a way that will benefit the client and the company.

Dealing with a written complaint
  • Exercises involving reading client letters in order to target their complaints, and to understand their context and the client's feelings.
  • Structuring your written reply.
  • Writing a letter in response and incorporating your specificities: relational, commercial, convivial, proposing solutions.


  • Code:CMM0247
  • Duration : 2days