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Client relations basics

  • Objectives

    • To gain a better understanding of your personal contribution to client satisfaction.
    • To put the client at theœ heart of your everyday business activities.
    • To manage a relationship with a client.
    • To contribute to earning the client's loyalty.
  • Keywords

    Client - Satisfaction - Client Relations -Behavior.
  • The advantages

    • La Boussole Client©.
    • The exclusive game CLIENDO®.
    • Alternation between awareness exercises and concrete illustrations.
    • Practicing and strengthening the "best client-orientated behavior".
  • Aimed at

    • Anyone who has contact with clients, whether that contact be face to face or over the telephone
    • On-site technical trainers.
    • Consultants.
    • Project managers.
    • Commercial assistant(s), technical services, etc.


Testing your own client relations
  • With the Boussole Client©, the exclusive test developed by CSP, each participant can evaluate their clients' behavior.
  • Quiz and concrete case studies providing a wide overview of client situations and a realist analysis of your own client focus.

Becoming client-focused
  • Being aware of your own client relations style.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the client's situation.
  • Adopting a client-orientated attitude

Being on the same wavelength as your client
  • Establishing a quality relationship:
  • Understanding the importance of mutual trust in client relations.
  • Equipping yourself with the means of finding out about your client and their environment.
  • Knowing how to communicate on a day-to-day basis.

Acting as the interface between your client and your own company
  • Gaining a better understanding of internal interactions and their external percussions.
  • Knowing how to motivate internal energies.
  • Accepting and knowing how to communicate an internal decision that disturbs external relations.
  • Knowing how to manage an external request internally, and producing a good solution.

Dealing with client requests
  • Identifying the real expectations of the client.
  • Developing your empathy and your listening skills when it comes to clients.
  • Deciding the best solutions for creating added value.

Managing the difficulties inherent in client relations
  • Dealing with a complaint.
  • Resolving a disagreement or dissatisfaction.
  • Reestablishing a damaged relationship.


  • Code:COM0997
  • Duration : 2days