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Canvassing and selling over the telephone

  • Objectives

    • To efficiently lead and control the sales interview over the telephone.
    • To achieve successful telephone canvassing right from the start with all different types of interlocutors
    • To enrich and develop the commercial aptitude of telephone sales employees.
  • Keywords

    Telephone - Sales - Interview- Canvassing.
  • The advantages

    • Many "real" simulations, recorded from your practical case studies and the difficult situations you face most often.
  • Aimed at

    Anyone who holds a telephone commercial or sales position.


Preparing for and organizing the phone call
  • Defining the objective of the call.
  • Preparing the material aspect of the call (tools, means).
  • Collecting information regarding the client you plan to contact.
  • Planning targeted catchphrases and anticipating objections and responses.
  • Developing an argument that is suitable to the prospects.

The 4 stages of the sale
  • Contact:
- approaching the call recipient;
- overcoming obstacles;
- creating a climate of trust;
- introducing yourself;
- explaining the reason for the call;
- capturing the interest of the client (the 3Vs – Vous, Vécu, Visuel – you, what you experienced, and what you saw)
  • Discovery:
- identifying the client's needs;
- the attitudes favorable to communication;
- the different forms of questions and their relevance;
- active listening.
  • Being convincing:
- adapting your solution to the client's needs;– emphasizing the advantages "tailored" to the client ; – the personalized argument.
  • Concluding:
- recognizing buying signals;
- seizing the moment to conclude;
- techniques for concluding;
- concretizing the call with a result (meeting, call, sending a document, follow-up, etc.).
    Dealing with objections
      • Identifying the different types of objections.
      • The different ways of dealing with objections.
      • Knowing how to bring objections back in your favor.
      • Building your self-confidence.
      • Telephone attitudes.
      • Smiling, placing your voice, controlling your expression.
      • Reassuring phrases, positive terms.


        • Code:COM0568
        • Duration : 2days