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Customer relations - Business - Sales


  • To secure the loyalty of your clients, to gain new market shares, and to develop internationally
  • To gain an understanding of your clients, to anticipate their needs, and to develop genuine, sustainable partnerships
  • To establish lasting sales teams, to stimulate their energy and determination, and to develop their performance and efficiency, especially in difficult contexts

These are specific and urgent challenges which you will face right throughout 2012! Your challenges are our challenges too, and we want to provide you with the support that will enable you to meet them.

It is through our achievements that we will strengthen our sustainable partnership!


  1. A wide range of services that respond to your business / customer relations / sales needs.
  2. Training courses that are operational and updated during the training, and the results of which are measurable in the field.
  3. Fun and interactive teaching methods enabling the participant to play a key role in his/her learning.
  4. Exclusive educational tools: Cliendo® (client management), Marelle Client® (client behavior), Boussole Client® (customer relations). Privileged partnerships: Négovision, Prendo.
  5. A team of senior organizers experienced in business approach and strategy
  6. Our 41 years of constant high-standard professionalism enable us to offer the know-how of a major actor in professional training.

It's our clients that know best!

Essential sales techniques

"It is in particular the simplicity and clarity of the exercises, the filmed practical work, the clear methodology and the sales interview that enabled us to make progress throughout the whole training course. The course itself is concise, exhaustive and interactive. I learnt that marketing approach is all about organization and relationships"

Marie-France, business manager.

Key accounts: gaining them and developing them

"I gained a better understanding of how key accounts work and how I can manage these. I learned a new methodology that I will be able to put into use as of tomorrow. The experience the trainer had in the subject was a real advantage during this training course"

Alain, key account manager.

Sales for individuals in non-sales and marketing positions

"The flexibility of this training course and its ability to adapt to the requirements of the group have made it very accessible and easy to implement in our profession. The simulations, created from real-life situations experienced in our daily activities, accompanied by concrete theoretical supports, help us to be more confident in "making sales". Our active participation helped us to gain a better understanding"

Franck, consultant engineer.

Customer relations basics

"I really enjoyed this training course as it was interactive, we could speak freely with the trainer, and I liked using the Cliendo game. The role play work also helped me to see what I do well and areas where I could make improvements. Now I have finished the course I have a better overview of the different stages of developing a relationship with a client"

Christiane, project manager.